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last update: 2017-08-08,

This Site is all about of reducing and eliminating complexity in software development. I try to live and teach the term kis - KEEP IT SIMPLE. There are many different meanings of kis and I try to push it up to the maximum possible. I think that in our IT landscape we have almost lost the ability of simplicity.

In order to achieve simplicity, we have to choose a language which supports simplicity as well. I am aware of only two languages simple enough: Scheme (a dicalect of lisp) and Forth. Since Scheme forces the use of garbage collection, I have selected Forth.

What is so special about Forth ?

  1. Forth provides a command line interface (CLI or REPL) even on low level and low powered processors (8 bit with some k RAM). Things can be tried out immediately. This is a valuable and important feature.
  2. Forth as a whole environment (which is one application) and programable programming language so small (some k) that one single person is able to maintain, extend and customize the system which embodies: Interpreter, multitasking, compiler, editor, storage and debugger.
  3. Forth the language conceptionally is a meta language which means that with Forth a special purpose languages can be made (aka DSL). Such well-known things like garbage collection, functional programming, object-oriented programming and others can be implemented easily. Since a Forth programmer tries to simplify things, such techniques are rarely used, in fact I have never used them (in Forth).
  4. Programming in Forth is completely different than the way most developers are used to.
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